classicat (classicat) wrote,

Okay. I miss Ruthan because I simply don't know anyone else who would have "purse chopsticks". Nor would "purse chopsticks" be acceptable for anyone else to have. But Ruthan?

Perfect sense.

I miss Thera because I went to Maurices, which I usually am not a fan of, and bought several outfits in variances of red and black. And one of those variances was not pink. All red and black. And she was not here to witness it.

And no one will believe me.

My goodness, I have been so busy. So behind, crazed really.

I got a riase. It wasn't enough. If i'm still in this town come December, Molly is going to move in with me.I'm very excited about that.

Will is coming up for homecoming, but his band has a home FB game that Friday night. I haven't ever seen them in action, so I may sneak up there Friday and surprise him.
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