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I'm to the point now in my online journalling where there are LOTS of things i'd really like to say on Xanga, but for fear that they'll be misinterpreted, or better yet--that someone I am writing about will actually read it, I have the need of the new place to actually speak my thoughts.

The people on livejournal probably share most of my thoughts.

Or atleast repect my thoughts, and won't run off and talk about me behind my back.

I have a total conundrum.

I am supposed to guestbook at Sarah's wedding, and it was just finalized this morning that Kristin and I WILL be going to Denver at (you guessed it) the exact same time.

Now this isn't something I can smile sweetly at Larry and get out of. We turned down a several thousand dollar training program for our student workers (phone callers and student ambassadors) so that Kristin and I could go to this conference and learn about it ourselves, and then impliment our own training program.

Not only is it absolutely mandatory, it's a HUGE honor that I was asked to go at all, as only Kristin, Christina and Braxton get asked to go anywhere with Larry. As they are older with experience.

And it's not even a rinky-dink conference. It's a really good one. Central will rarely extend the money for something worthwhile, and they have!

And it's freaking Denver! I've never been anywhere on that side of the country. I've never gotten to just travel. If I traveled, it meant my dad had switched jobs yet again, and we were moving to another state. I never got vacations as a child, my dad got new jobs. So underneath feeling awful, i'm really excited...which makes me feel worse.

So now I have to call Sarah and tell her I can't be at her wedding...2 weeks before the wedding.

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