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My stomach has hurt in some way shape or form consistently for almost…

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My stomach has hurt in some way shape or form consistently for almost 4 days now.

I keep eating to pretend it doesn't hurt, and that isn't helping at all.

One of the little music major freshmen got lost today on her way to 111, and I helped her find Babs and the rest of the class...and they are all so brand new. Dr. Hamel had me talk to them for a few minutes and I wanted to tell them how much their lives would change...how they thought college was such a big step, but it would just lead to bigger, and bigger things...until you are making a life on your own.

But they're all so shiny...and they have to discover that on their own.

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On August 25th, 2006 04:31 am (UTC), gads commented:
i know what you mean about the new students being shiny and new-- i almost blurted out all the awesome things the first years are going to learn this year- and how awesome their classes are going to be, but decided that yes, they too should learn it on their own. and then when they realize it, we can talk about it...

i'm sorry your tummy has been hurting :(
has it gotten any better? do you know why it's hurting?

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