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Okay. I miss Ruthan because I simply don't know anyone else who would have "purse chopsticks". Nor would "purse chopsticks" be acceptable for anyone else to have. But Ruthan?

Perfect sense.

I miss Thera because I went to Maurices, which I usually am not a fan of, and bought several outfits in variances of red and black. And one of those variances was not pink. All red and black. And she was not here to witness it.

And no one will believe me.

My goodness, I have been so busy. So behind, crazed really.

I got a riase. It wasn't enough. If i'm still in this town come December, Molly is going to move in with me.I'm very excited about that.

Will is coming up for homecoming, but his band has a home FB game that Friday night. I haven't ever seen them in action, so I may sneak up there Friday and surprise him.

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Fayette is chilly, and windy, and cloudy, and a nap would most certianly be in order if I didn't need to be at work.

I have a feather mattress on my bed, and I long for it, and one or two cats all snuggled up with me.

Alas, it is not to be.

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silence of the empty office
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I MIGHT be getting a KITTEN today.

Will apparently spent too much time with me, because he made a CAT RESCUE this weekend, and on top of his cat that he already had, he now has three more, 2 tiny kittens, and a grown up kitty.

I could probably take a kitty. I mean, I don't actually like cats...but I will do my duty.

I picked one out over the phone, and it ended up being the outgoing kitty. (Like mother like baby cat)

I think we're supposed to meet in Jeff City tonight.

I'm a little excited....

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cicadas out my open window
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There was an email in my inbox this morning entitled, "stuff" and this is what it said.

"Hey, just wanted to let you know i am not ignoring you. I have just been so busy with school starting that i haven't had time for much else. maybe we can get together and do something soon. ttyl."

This is from the person I hung out with all summer, cooked dinner for, shared secrets with, shared drinks with, and laughed with until we both cried.

I haven't talked to him for three weeks. And while I am desperately angry with him for not telling me something as big as asking his girlfriend to marry him. (Indeed I am being unreasonable...) I miss him even more.

Hopefully we'll sort it out, because he's become one of my closest friends. Who I just want to kick with my pointy high heels.

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Kristin talking
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My stomach has hurt in some way shape or form consistently for almost 4 days now.

I keep eating to pretend it doesn't hurt, and that isn't helping at all.

One of the little music major freshmen got lost today on her way to 111, and I helped her find Babs and the rest of the class...and they are all so brand new. Dr. Hamel had me talk to them for a few minutes and I wanted to tell them how much their lives would change...how they thought college was such a big step, but it would just lead to bigger, and bigger things...until you are making a life on your own.

But they're all so shiny...and they have to discover that on their own.

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sick sick
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Stupid Lyrics

Night lift up the shades
let in the brilliant light of morning
but steady me now
for I am weak and starving for mercy
sleep has left me alone
to carry the weight of unravelling where we went wrong
it's all I can do to hang on,
to keep me from falling
into old familiar shoes

how stupid could I be
a simpleton could see
that you're no good for me
but you're the only one I see

love has made me a fool
set me on fire and watched as I floundered
unable to speak
except to cry out and wait for your answer
but you come around in your time
speaking of fabulous places
create an oasis
that dries up as soon as you're gone
you leave me here burning
in this desert without you


everything changes
everything falls apart
I can't stand to feel myself losing control
in the deep of my senses I know

* * *
Have a happy Memorial Day everyone!! Go to the pool, and get a tan, and be lazy!!

I won't be back until next Saturday, because I fly out to Denver on Tuesday afternoon!!!!

I'll try to update periodically though!!

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accomplished accomplished
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Pearl Jam "Better Man"
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On other topics,

football coaches standing in my office make me uncomfortable.

I just saw Abby win on the Price is Right. Penny has a little black and white TV in her office, and we watched it on that.

If any of you know Penny, you'll understand that her office is something like it's own little country.

If there ever was a nuclear holocaust, i'd want to be in Penny's office.

She has everything. A fridge full of food, and soda. Any sort of medication, (including perscription) that you might ever need, in addition to a variety of home remedies. A first aid station, manicure kit, tool kit, and an extensive array of office supplies. And clothes.

Larry needs me to find something, so i'm off.

The point was, Abby looked like a doll.

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listless listless
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Aarin Copland "Billy the Kid"
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I'm to the point now in my online journalling where there are LOTS of things i'd really like to say on Xanga, but for fear that they'll be misinterpreted, or better yet--that someone I am writing about will actually read it, I have the need of the new place to actually speak my thoughts.

The people on livejournal probably share most of my thoughts.

Or atleast repect my thoughts, and won't run off and talk about me behind my back.

I have a total conundrum.

I am supposed to guestbook at Sarah's wedding, and it was just finalized this morning that Kristin and I WILL be going to Denver at (you guessed it) the exact same time.

Now this isn't something I can smile sweetly at Larry and get out of. We turned down a several thousand dollar training program for our student workers (phone callers and student ambassadors) so that Kristin and I could go to this conference and learn about it ourselves, and then impliment our own training program.

Not only is it absolutely mandatory, it's a HUGE honor that I was asked to go at all, as only Kristin, Christina and Braxton get asked to go anywhere with Larry. As they are older with experience.

And it's not even a rinky-dink conference. It's a really good one. Central will rarely extend the money for something worthwhile, and they have!

And it's freaking Denver! I've never been anywhere on that side of the country. I've never gotten to just travel. If I traveled, it meant my dad had switched jobs yet again, and we were moving to another state. I never got vacations as a child, my dad got new jobs. So underneath feeling awful, i'm really excited...which makes me feel worse.

So now I have to call Sarah and tell her I can't be at her wedding...2 weeks before the wedding.

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anxious anxious
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Martina McBride- "God's Will"
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